3 steps to treating pinworms

Hi. I’m Dr. Nicole Apelian from Prepper Advantage and I’m here today to talk to you about pinworms. Not everyone’s favorite subject. When you find these in your child’s stool, you’re probably going to be pretty disgusted and want to get rid of them right away. It is generally a 90-day treatment.


Pinworms show up as very small thread-like worms in child’s stool. They come out at night, and it’s very itchy. You might see your child scratching his or her bottom from time to time. Now when the pinworms come out, that’s a great time to get rid of them. You need to treat this both externally and internally. We’re going to talk about both of those things.


Before you start this one, be aware that it’s not safe for pregnant women, or those who are breastfeeding.

Ingredient #1: Artemisia Wormwood

Pour your Artemisia Wormwood into a glass.

Ingredient #2: Black Walnut Hulls

Put in a tablespoon of black walnut hulls.

If they’re not powdered, you’ll have to do that first.

However, a great source of powdered black walnut hulls is Mountain Rose Herbs (mountainroseherbs.com). We highly suggest buying from them.

Ingredient #3: Vodka OR Food-Grade Glycerin

Next up you have two options.

Vodka or food-grade glycerin.

Obviously if this is for a child, you’re going to use the Glycerin. Or if you’d prefer not to consume Vodka yourself, feel free to use Glycerin as well.

Fill up your cup with the liquid of your choice.

Stir it all up.

You have two options.

If you don’t need it for immediate use, you’ll want to cap your jar and put it in the cupboard for 2 months.

But, if you or your child is suffering from pinworms, you want it now.

To make it ready for immediate use, put it in a pot with water.

Place it on extremely low heat, and allow it to simmer for at least a few hours. Preferably an entire day. Be careful not to let your tincture bubble.

When you’re ready to use, simply strain through a cheesecloth.

DIRECTIONS: Ingest 3 times a day.


Before we jump into this one.

What we’re doing with an external treatment is preventing the female from laying more eggs, while also alleviating the itching of pinworms as well.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making a salve, you can simply take coconut oil and mix in garlic, cloves and Tea Tree oil and apply it to your child’s bottom. If it’s easier, you can also put all of those in Vaseline and smear it on your child’s anus.

Below are the ingredients to create the salve.

Let’s get started.

INGREDIENT #1: Olive Oil & Coconut Oil

Take your olive oil and coconut oil and mix them at about a 50/50 ratio in a separate container.

Pour them into your pot.


Dump your calendula into the pot.


Throw in your cloves.

Stir and simmer for a few hours.

This is what it should look like after simmering for a few hours.

Take a cheesecloth and elastic it around your measuring jar (as pictured).

Pour all of the contents of your pot onto the cheese cloth and let it stain for a few minutes.

Remove the cheesecloth and pour your strained solution back into your pot.


Add 10 drops of tea tree oil.


Drop in some vitamin E oil as a preservative. This step is only required if you plan on keeping your salve for an extended period of time.


Add in your beeswax.

Stir until beeswax has melted into your solution.

Pour it into a container.

It will be solidified in 30 minutes and ready to use.

DIRECTIONS: Apply to anus 3 times a day to relieve itching, and prevent the female from laying more eggs.


The third step is simple.

Wash all bedding and clothing in hot water to kill any eggs and put an end to the life cycle.

Step 1. Treat internally with Wormwood tincture
Step 2. Treat externally with salve to prevent females laying eggs
Step 3. Wash all bedding and clothes in hot water

That’s it.

Keep in mind, treatment can last up to 90 days. So be patient.

Keep in mind, treatment can last up to 90 days. So be patient.